Adventure Academics

New Major in Adventure Recreation Management (ARM)

New for Fall 2018 WVU Tech is offering an academic major in Adventure Recreation Management (ARM).  Learn how to put together and run an adventure program through this new degree using the adventure resources and organizations of the New River Gorge region as your learning lab. This is a great match to a minor in Business, Public Services Administration, Criminal Justice or Sociology to prepare for jobs in adventure tourism, public park and recreation, college adventure programs, therapeutic adventure or adventure-based court services programs.

Visit the ARM page: Adventure Recreation Management

Course Types:

Field Skill Courses – Each semester BHSS, with assistance from Tech Adventures, will be offering ADRC courses that help students develop: technical proficiency in sport area; knowledge of equipment; safety and rescue skills; trip planning knowledge; and instructional methods in paddle sports, mountain biking, rock climbing and aerial sports. Multi-session skill courses range from introductory to instructor level. These courses follow national curricula and are designed to help students master technical skills and prepare for teaching and guiding.

Adventure Recreation Theory Courses – Want to learn about the history, trends or administrative systems of the adventure recreation field? BHSS will be offering a variety of courses at that range from the philosophical to the practical for those interested in the adventure field from a personal or professional level.

Current Course Offerings: Spring 2018

ADRC 102 Adventure in Society (3cr)
Tues & Thurs 11-12:15 – Fulfills GEF 5 – 1 Required Outing with Tech Adventures

This course explores how outdoor adventure has transformed from a daily necessity for survival in early cultures to its modern form of recreational pursuit. Through readings, media, lectures and hands-on adventure experiences students explore historical and modern perspectives of popular adventure pursuits and their societal influence.

ADRC 293 D: Leadership in Adventure Recreation (3cr)
Tues 3:30-7:15  – Required weekend backpacking in April

Learn how to lead others in adventure activities.  Course covers outdoor trip design, risk management, group facilitation, emergency management and outdoor skill teaching.

ADRC 121: Introduction to Rock Climbing (1cr) WVU Tech Rock Climbing in gym
Mon 3-5 beginning January 22nd

This class is designed to introduce participants to basic rock climbing skills. The course will cover the skills necessary to climb and belay using a top-rope system both on artificial and natural climbing surfaces. The skills and information taught in this course include: safety practices, terminology, equipment, basic climbing knots, climbing movement, and belay technique.  Course starts inside at a local climbing gym for 4 sessions and then a required day trip to an outdoor climbing site (date to be determined)

ADRC 293H:  Special Topics – Introduction to Whitewater Kayaking (1cr)
Mon 1-3 beginning March 5 – Required Saturday Date TBD

This class is designed to introduce participants to the sport of Whitewater Kayaking.  Course starts in the warmth of an indoor pool where students learn basic strokes, how to safely wet exit and are introduced to the essential "Eskimo Roll".  After 4 pool sessions class will move to the river for some introductory whitewater.

WVU Tech Adventures rafting on the New RiverADRC 111: Intro to Whitewater Raft Guiding (1cr)
Wed 12:30 - 6 beginning March 28th – Required Saturday Trip in late April

Learn how to guide a raft on whitewater.  This course covers river reading, paddling strokes, equipment rigging, river safety and paddle raft guiding techniques.  Daily trips to local river sections on Wednesdays start in mild water to learn all the skills with instructors in each raft.  A full day guided trip on the New River is also included in the course where instructors share insights into guiding more advanced whitewater.