Eligibility and Policies


The Tech Outdoor Orientation program is designed for students who are in transition to college for the first time or early in their college career. To qualify for the program, each applicant must meet the following eligibility criteria:

Student Status

The Tech Outdoor Orientation program is open to new students and transfer students with less than 12 college credits from other institutions who have been admitted to WVU Tech. Student status will be confirmed by Tech Adventures prior to assigning a student to an orientation session. To participate in a TOO program, students must be enrolled in at least 9 credits at WVU Tech for the Fall Semester no later than 14 days prior to your TOO trip date. Students who are not enrolled in fall classes will be sent an email notification and dropped from the TOO program without refund.

Activity Requirements

All of the activities included in the Tech Outdoor Orientation program are designed to be accessible to beginner participants with no previous outdoor experience. Activities do require basic physical and cognitive abilities in order to maximize individual and group safety, minimize injury potential and help everyone have an enjoyable time. Please review our Essential Eligibility Criteria document prior to registration to ensure this program is a match for you. If you have any questions about these requirements or your ability to meet one or more elements, please contact the Tech Adventures office to discuss with our staff at 304.929.0327 or by email at

Health Insurance Requirement

While Tech Adventures has made its best efforts to minimize the chance of injury to participants, injuries and illness can occur. Tech Outdoor Orientation program participants will be required to provide proof of insurance as part of the program registration package so our staff can help the student get the care needed at a local medical facility in the case of injury or illness.

All domestic students at WVU Tech, enrolled in 6 or more credit hours, and international students enrolled in 1 or more credit hours, are required to carry health insurance coverage. Students who do not have personal or family health insurance are automatically enrolled in the WVU-sponsored Aetna student health insurance plan.

Costs and Cancellation Policy

To celebrate WVU Tech’s official move to Beckley, the 2017 Tech Outdoor Orientation program is being offered at a subsidized cost of $100.

This fee will be charged to your student account once we have confirmed your registration. The fee is not eligible to be paid with Federal Student Aid and must be paid with your July tuition bill.

As the program includes all food, camping, equipment, transportation and guide services for six days, this represents a substantial investment in our participants and our belief that this program will contribute to their success at Tech. As we expect a high demand for the limited spaces in the program, late cancellations can reduce opportunities for other students to participate. Therefore, registered orientation program participants who cancel with less than 10 business day's notification or who do not show up at the start of their program will be assessed a $50 cancellation fee. This fee will be charged to the student’s account.

Scholarship Availability

We don’t want the $100 fee to make this program inaccessible to any student. If you are Pell-Eligible for student financial aid you may apply for a scholarship to cover the program cost. Funds are limited, so please apply early. Scholarships will be applied after completion of the program. Please note that if you cancel for the program with less than 10 business day’s notification or do not show up for the trip you will be charged the $50 cancellation fee and forfeit the scholarship.


Registration for the summer 2017 Tech Outdoor Orientation program will open on March 15. To request a spot on one of our programs, please return to this site on or after the that date to complete the online registration form. A member of the Tech Adventures staff will verify your program eligibility and space availability for your selected session and then contact you by email at your MIX account to confirm your registration. Upon receiving your confirmation you will have 14 days to complete and return the registration packet materials. If your packet is not received within the 14 days, your registration will be cancelled and offered to another interested student. Enrollment is on a first-come-first-served basis - so apply early.

Registration runs from March 15 through June 24.